Lake Access

Lake at Wonderview Mangawhai

Access to the lake is by foot only. The traverse is relatively steep, but not unmanageable and completely safe. Please visit at your own risk, don't allow children to go unsupervised and don't journey down if you are injured on uneasy on your feet.

At the lake, you can swim, just hang out, enjoy the walk or even take your own Kayak/Paddle boards down. Please consider the environment, don't litter or smoke.

Directions: Simply walk out the main gates of Wonderview, heading right up the first little hill. Turn left at the first junction you come to, then keep heading left. You'll follow a path into a big yard (this is shared land), just keep going to the bottom of that yard to find the path to the lake (now back on our land). Follow this path, heading left at the junction (don't go straight, it's just gorse). Keep following the path to the lake. Once there, you are free to safely explore anywhere you like.